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School Thing
Updated: 8/31/2020
School Thing
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  • Okay class. By the start of next class, make sure you have read the first five chapters of our new book.
  • Sounds good Mrs. Smith!
  • Sorry! I gotta do my reading tonight. No time for distractions.
  • C'mon man. Let's hangout at my place after school.
  • Wanna come over and bake a cake?
  • No! I gotta keep reading. No time to work on my car. I've always got tomorrow!
  • I wonder if I should go work on my car?? Sure would beat reading this book.
  • Channel: Open air in the classroom. Message: Five chapters of the new book. Encoding: Teacher is asking students to read the first five chapters tonight. Sender: Mrs. Smith, the teacher. Receiver: Dustin, the student.
  • Glad I read my chapters! Jeff really did a great job of beating the odds. No one was rooting for him! I sure am glad I can go to bed knowing I did my work.
  • External Noise: Dustin's buddies want him to hangout.
  • Great! I loved how John overcame adversity!
  • Okay class, how was the reading?
  • Internal Noise: Wanting to work on his car.
  • As long as you read your chapters, this quiz should be a breeze!
  • Decoding: Dustin learns about Jeff's success in the chapters.
  • Feedback: Dustin enjoyed the book
  • Oh shoot! We had reading??
  • Quiz time!
  • A quiz?!
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