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Red Roses Retelling
Updated: 8/29/2020
Red Roses Retelling
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  • Mom and dad keep fighting all the time about moving. They are tired of getting calls from the school about me not fitting in. If the prettiest girl in school likes me then I'll fit in, right??
  • woof!
  • Hey Buster, do you think the gift I got Lila will help her like me?
  • No thank you.
  • Hi! Ughm....You want my seat?... I mean you want to sit next to me? 
  • Ahh! Really! I can't believe this is happening to me.
  • I think Lila really likes her gift, she seems really shocked about it. Maybe she will really love my big gift I got her.
  • Finally it was lunch, it was time that I gave Lila, my beautiful rose, a gift as beautiful as she is, a dozen roses. I inched my way closer to her lunch table and at last I spurted out...
  • are for you! Here you go Lila...
  • Lila has a boyfrieeend! Hehehe!
  • Leave me alone! Don't you get it? GO AWAY!
  • Oooooooooh!
  • I was stunned. She really took the roses. She acknowledged my existence. She took my gift. This was the best day I had at my school. Lila carried the roses around all day. She make me so happy to be at that school.
  • rrr...rrr...really?
  • oh my gosh..she's taking them.
  • You know what... thank you Derek. These are perfect.
  • She can't be serious...
  • I got home and told my parents about the day I had at school. Unfortunately, my best day turned into my worst day. I just found out we were moving, and now I will never get to be with Lila. After that day, I left her alone. I didn't want her to feel hurt when I leave.
  • Hey bud, were moving. Things just aren't working out here, we have to move again.
  • Why do we have to keep moving? Mom, I finally liked this school.
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