childhoods end
Updated: 3/9/2021
childhoods end

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  • This book had kept its cold war origins in the story. It was showing in the authors own way how we were the reason for humanity's destruction. in times of crisis people have always looked to a higher power to save us from ourselves. The overlords were going to apparently save humanity by putting an end to their science.
  • The golden age was also perceived in the childhoods end. At this time income grew and huge numbers of Americans entered middle class. In the book, 50 years before this, the overlords believed humanity wasn't ready to see their faces. They were right. Humanity had became a utopia. No war, nor violence. So they were not very disturbed by their looks but did say they looked some what similar to the devil.
  • A Utopian society is when everything is nearly perfect and thats whatthe overlords created, a perfect world. They created equality, peace & a high standard of living which tying back to the cold war, was exactly what the Soviet was supposed to do for communism. But instead the state had complete control over peoples daily lives. Although a Utopian society is not all that good. The author portrays how a utopia completely robs humanity of creativity.