Updated: 3/29/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Where it all started
  • Can you see? There is a rush hour on the Golden Bridge.
  • Yeah ! It´s always at this time of the day...
  • later that evening...
  • I think we should rent this boat, it looks really cool
  • boat renting...
  • Hello, we would like to rent some boat, don´t worry, we are already 18.
  • Hi ladies ! Yes for sure. I just must warn you, I heard there is going to be a storm, so get back early
  • Boat renting agency
  • Donť worry we will make it in a time
  • We are going to diiiieeee!
  • When storm actually starts...
  • This is getting out of our control !
  • Where are we?!And where is the boat?
  • After storm.....
  • That you so much for help, we just got a boat crash
  • Great idea! I rented once with my parents privat boat and it was amazing
  • I have no idea :(
  • Hey girls! You seem lost, wanna help buddies? There are lot of ways how can you get out of this village. I don´t recognize you so you must be from San Francisco! You can walk trough valley or ride on bikes on our suspension bridge.
  • Finally going home, this was so crazy experience!
  • The end
  • Yeah, I´m really surprised we are still alive!
  • On the way home...