Updated: 3/17/2021

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  • One afternoon, Gatsby, Nick, and Jordan visit the Buchanan's home for lunch. Tom Buchanan notices how especially close Gatsy and Daisy have gotten and feels anger inside.
  • Daisy, feeling the tension in the room, proposes everyone goes to town to cool off some steam.
  • All right! I'm perfectly willing to go to town. Come on, we're all going to town.
  • Who wants to go to town?
  • Did you see that?!?
  • I just got wised up to something funny the last two days.
  • Tom insists that Daisy drive with him town in Gatsby's car, but instead she demands to go with Gatsby. Therefore, Gatsby and Daisy head out to New York in Tom Buchanan's blue car.
  • Open another window!
  • On the way to the Plaza Hotel, Tom points out to Jordan and Nick how Gatsby has been lying about being an "Oxford Man". Jordan and Nick seem confused by the situation while sitting in Gatsby's yellow car.
  • Tom, Nick, and Jordan stop at Wilson's garage to fill up on some gas. While there, Wilson tells Tom he needs some money to get out of town with his wife, because he has found out she has been cheating on him. Tom is heartbroken to know he may lose his wife and mistress.
  • Once the group arrives at the Plaza Hotel, they notice how incredibly humid and hot it is in the suite. The tension was at its boiling point.