Shah Jaha
Updated: 2/3/2021
Shah Jaha

Storyboard Description

Taj Mahal

Storyboard Text

  • Excuse me Shah Jahan, your wife, Mumtaz Muhal, has just passed away.
  • What?!? I..I.. I think I need to get some alone time. I'll see you when... when I'm done.
  • Alright everyone, settle down settle down. I have called this meeting because as many of you know my beloved wife has recently passed. But, instead of feeling sad and upset, lets turn this into a happy memory. Lets build a new building, called... The Taj Mahal.
  • It should also be perfectly symmetrical.
  • Why don't we make a dome on the top and arches and beams and arches supporting it.
  • Ok, you guys have already seen my sketch. Although, right now the sketch just looks like a normal house, any ideas.
  • I love this sketch guys, its beautiful just like she was. So how long will it take to build.
  • Most likely more than ten years.
  • Thank you, enjoy. - All of them
  • 15 YEARS LATER*Wow, this is magnificent. It's so beautiful. I'm very proud of you all.
  • 35 YEARS LATER*Guys, Shah Jahan just passed away, where should we bury him.
  • I know it would ruin the symmetry of the Taj Mahal, but we should bury him right next to his wife.