The Cabinet Battle STORY BOARD!!!
Updated: 2/14/2020
The Cabinet Battle STORY BOARD!!!

Storyboard Text

  • James M down right, Hamilton top left, Thomas Jefferson top right, George Washington middle.
  • "George Washington we need this bank to make a greater power in society."
  • The issue on the table, we have a national bank proposal do we all agree. 
  • YAH!
  • Look at this idea we don't need this "national bank!"
  • So we let them just get held hostage by the south.
  • Hmmmm......
  • Yes. *Nods head*
  • We should make charter banks!
  • You think I’m frightened of you, man?We almost died in the trenchWhile you were off getting high with the FrenchThomas Jefferson, always hesitant with the PresidentReticent—there isn’t a plan he doesn’t jettison
  • Hamilton take a walk, Jefferson; Madison, take a walk.
  • You don’t have the votes!
  • We create. You just wanna move our money aroundThis financial plan is an outrageous demandAnd it’s too many damn pages for any man to understand
  • Ok...
  • This is so stupid, this so called national bank!
  • Wanna make a deal?
  • Compromise of 1790-Hamilton makes a deal with James, and Thomas.
  • Ok, how bout you guys take the national capital for your guys. But in Return the national Govt. take over and pay the state depts.
  • DEAL!