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2.5 Whats Matter?
Updated: 10/10/2020
2.5 Whats Matter?
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You will explain each of the topics: Subatomic particles Ions Isotopes Average Atomic Mass You will develop a StoryBoard (Links to an external site.) or Comic Strip (Links to an external site.), using these resources or others that meet the criteria of this google document. You can interact directly with the Google document. To Zoom out and see more of the document, press the “Control” and “-” keys. To Zoom back in, press the “Control” and “+” keys. You can also click the blue link to open the document in a new tab. You need to share your StoryBoard or Comic Strip with your assignment.

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  • Subatomic Particles
  • Protons-The nucleus is assumed to contain protons, which have a positive charge equal in magnitude to the electron’s negative charge.
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