Command Economy System Showcase
Updated: 4/20/2020
Command Economy System Showcase
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  • No competition because the government controls business as well as individuals having little influences in politics and business.
  • Command Economies are a one of the four Economic Systems
  • What is produced?
  • Well the government in Command Economies typically makes all decisions allowing for their own will to be put into action through laws and government action.
  • How is this produced?
  • Command Economies are for people looking to relax due to how straight forward the governments tend to make life as well as not plan on starting a business.
  • Who are Command Economies for?
  • Well in Command Economies there is typically insufficient resource supply.
  • What are some disadvantages?
  • There is also major lack for incentive and innovation.
  • They also cant adjust very fast and can lead to corrupt leaders.
  • Well what are some advantages to Command Economies?
  • Command Economies can ensure stability because of their market control and wealth is distributed among the society.
  • Thank you for learning about Command Economies!
  • Now you know more about one of the four Economic Systems.
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