Updated: 6/3/2020

Storyboard Text

  • He ate the beans and found Circe and the pigs, furious.
  • Well now I made you pigs! I enjoy making people pigs. But - ugh! It changes my appearance!!
  • Whoa! Who knew they had good haircutting and salon shops? but I think it's time we leave. Where is group 2?
  • We'd better look for them, sir. What if something bad happened?
  • Ossidyous asked a stranger walking down the hill to guide him.
  • Excuse me? Have you seen a group of men? They must be lost in the woods.
  • No, they must be kidnapped by Circe, a witch! Here, take these beans, they will help you not go into her magic spell! Now save the men.
  • How dare you make all of my men pigs and try to make me one?!? You will pay for this! Oh you will pay!
  • Forgive me, if you please. I am bored and I have nothing to do, which is why I make people pigs. I'llturn them back into humans. You are welcome to stay here for quite a while as well.
  • A month later, the groups decided to leave Circe's house and head home.
  • Remember not to stop sailing until you reach home.
  • Come on Circe!! You told him about so many problems in private!! Don't keep repeating them.
  • They did not heed Circe's warning and men went behind Ossidyous's back.
  • Ossidyous stayed alive and continued his journey.