Spanish and English conversation

Updated: 10/6/2021
Spanish and English conversation

Storyboard Text

  • HAHA! I am the best Spanish explorer around! I am here for gold and riches, now give them!
  • Uhh, no. You Spanish fools cant only be concerned about riches. Think about the kind of colony you can have!
  • But I am a conquistador! I shall not be denied by British men. You wouldn't understand the power we must obtain.
  • Well, you can at least try to make a relationship with the natives here, after all force cant buy you everything.
  • You might have a point there, although I must bring riches home to my mother country! So therefore if violence is the way to get my gold then so be it!
  • Fine! All i'm saying is that you will regret it when we push you off this land, because we will have the natives on our side. Trust me, you'll be sorry.