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Updated: 5/14/2020
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  • 1) Isn't it great to have a walk somwhere where nature is there ?
  • Thats it Im leaving
  • 2) Nah its boring
  • 1) OMG i see a bear
  • Once their were 2 girls they were good friends, One day one of the girls called Ashlen invited the other girl Emma for a walk in the forest.
  • A Lost HorrorBy Shreeya Rajeev
  • 2) Me too run !!!!!
  • Until they reached a river which was uncrossable and looked like it was deep
  • After Emma left Ashlen safely returned to her home later after that Asheln tryed to call Emma on her phone but Emma didn't answer so she called the police and they never found Emma again
  • 2) I dont know !!!!
  • 1) How will we get across this river ?
  • 2) And the bear is even still following us !!!!!!!!!!!
  • 1) Thats it this is all your fault we woudnt be here if it wasn't for you! You dragged me here for a walk this became a dangerouse walk
  • 3) Im sorry
  • A Special Day For Lilly
  • 3) Ok
  • 1) Which pet do you want ?
  • 1) What do you want to do now ?
  • 2) I want the cute white dog !!!
  • After buying the pet they went to the costume shop
  • Today was a special day for Lilly as she was gonna get a pet because she got full marks for her exam
  • 2) I want to go to sleep cause im sleepy
  • After buying the japanese dress and trying it on
  • 1) Which costume do you want ?
  • 2) Your welcome sweety
  • 2) Ok
  • Pet Shop of The Town
  • 1) Thanks for leting me get a pet mommy
  • 2) I want to dress up as a japanese girl
  • Home Alone
  • A horror Story and part 2 of Lost Horror
  • Whats taking her so long? Almost 5 hours past!!
  • 2) Ya it was pretty sad so ya.4) She was your friend? Well thats super sad.
  • Huh? Why am I at the hospital?
  • 1) Didn't you hear about Emma? 3) She was my friend and i was the one who called the police and told about Emma.
  • She suddenly heard a scream
  • Suddenly they both hear a nose from the kitchen
  • She must be in trouble I got to help her
  • Ashlen was heart broken and creeped out by what happened to her friend
  • 2) You little scaredy cat it could just be a squirrel I'll go check
  • To Be continued...
  • I wonder what happened to Emma. She was a great friend she promised that she woudn't be angrey at me anytime. She never broke a promise i wonder what happened?
  • 1) WHAT WAS THAT ?!
  • Then she saw Amy standing and staring at the window. Then it went blank Ashlen passed out. She woke up at a hospital.
  • Later that day her mom and dad left because they work for a company and had to travel to japan so Ashlen decided to call her friend Amy
  • 2) Ok besty what we discusing about ?
  • pherhaps your right
  • 1) Hey Amy I wanted to dIscuse somthing wih you.
  • few hours later
  • Once upon a time there was a girl called Amaya she had a cute pet cat wh died 15 years later after it was adopted she was sad but she dedcided to let it go so years later she went to a party with her friend but there was nobody there so they decided to wait and see if anybody came but after a few hours of looking they left and told Amaya's mother about it. Her mother said that may be they missed the party later on when it was night Amaya woke up from her sleep she saw that the hall ways lights were flickering then when she looked she saw a girl the girl was flickering the lights but when she was flickering the lights when it gets bright the girl disapeared and after a few minutes when the girl stoped flickering she disapeared and never came back.THE END
  • What should we do now? oh you said the same thing i said
  • Lets tell scary storys.
  • new email
  • picture
  • Ans
  • test: what is the heaveist animal on earth which lives on land? African Elephant Girraffe Blue whale White Rhino
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