great gatsby
Updated: 12/19/2019
great gatsby
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  • Chicago
  • East Egg
  • The Valley of the Ashes
  • Nick Carraway narrates the story but is also in the story. He lives in West Egg and came from Chicago. He grew up in a wealthy family. He is a bit of a pushover and does not judge what others say.
  • New York City
  • The party at Tom and Daisy's mansion was extravagant and expensive. Tom keeps getting calls from Mrytle and everyone knows he is cheating even Daisy. The dinner party keeps going with the rude interruptions.
  • West Egg
  • Mrytle and George work at a automobile shop and there apartment is above it. Mrytle is cheating on George and told him she was going to New York to see her sister but is going to meet with Tom.
  • Gatsby's Party
  • Tom and Mrytle have their own apartment in NYC where they have their affairs. Here they have parties that are wild and crazy. Tom gifts a puppy as well as anything else she wants to Mrytle and she mentions Daisey and he tells her to never mention his wife.
  • West Egg is where Gatsby lives. He's stupid rich and has parties that he is known for because they are so extravagent. He gives people want they want so he has zero problems with anyone. Everyone at the party is having a great time.
  • While leaving Gatsby's party everyone was super drunk. They got into their cars and headed out the driveway and multiple cars crashed. One was in a ditch and the guy in the car thought they were still driving.
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