Removal Act
Updated: 2/11/2020
Removal Act

Storyboard Text

  • The Potawatomi Nation
  • Menominee refused to sign the "Land Restoration treaty"
  • I refuse to sign this treaty!
  • Jackson takes charge
  • The Potawatomi nation lived in Lower Michigan at first, The Potawatomi Indians were farming people that grew cotton gin and other things the U.S. could have used and they were happy with their lifestyle at first.
  • Menominee is arrested
  • The Menominee initially refused to sign the treaty, he did not want to do the restoration act at all. "I will not leave my land.I am not going to leave my lands and I do not want to hear anything more about it."
  • Marched to Kansas
  • Andrew Jackson wanted the Potawatomi nation to be gone, he wanted the Indians to assimilate and obey the state laws.Andrew Jackson wanted to renew a policy of political and military action for the removal of the Indians from these lands, and conquer subjects.
  • The new land: Oklahoma
  • Menominee was arrested and his followers were at gunpoint by an armed militia that were sent by Andrew Jackson.
  • the Potawatomi were forced westward by the Iroquois onslaught, traveling towards Kansas.
  • The Potawatomi people are now citizens of the nation of Oklahoma.