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Tornado Storyboard
Updated: 10/6/2020
Tornado Storyboard
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Storyboard Text

  • Ignorant Mortals
  • Angry Gods
  • The Gods plan to punish the Mortals
  • A town once called Tornado was filled with very ignorant people. These people only cared about themselves and money. They would throw trash and belongings on the ground killing a lot of the plants and animals.
  • The gods created a ginormous wind tunnel
  • The 4 sibling gods the Anemoi Titan Gods of the 4 winds and seasons, were angered by the mortals and wanted to punish them for their ignorance.
  • The sibling ask for the help of Aeolus
  • "I will help you"
  • "We need your help"
  • The siblings spend days planning on how to punish the mortals. They each had a different plan. Like all siblings the 4 began to argue over whose idea was the best. The arguing turned in fighting.
  • The Wind tunnel destroys the town
  • The sibling began to fight. They through ginormous gusts of wind at each other. Not knowing what might happen. The wind began to circulate created a wind tunnel that could destroy anything.Which gave the siblings an idea.
  • The sibling travel to a distant island seeking the help of the master of all winds called Aeolus. They needed his help so they could push the wind tunnel in the direction of the town so then it could destroy the town of ignorant mortals.
  • The Wind tunnel is pushed on track of the town heading straight towards it. The Wind tunnel destroys the town and all of the ignorant mortals. The Wind tunnel later got a name and was called the Tornado after the town it destroyed.
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