Tangerine - Sinkhole
Updated: 1/15/2021
Tangerine - Sinkhole

Storyboard Text

  • Paul and Joey in class
  • Math Room 19
  • Paul and Joey walking back to class
  • Helping the kids inside the Sinkhole
  • Paul and Joey are in class, when their called to the principal's office. They think that they vandalized the World of Wonders exhibit. (Bloor #78)
  • Paul and Joey are walking back to their classes when the wood started to breck between the portables. "What is it" I yelled to Joey. "An earthquake?" "No! sinkhole , man! It's a sinkhole! Its opening up under the field. Look at 19!" (Bloor #81)
  • Along with the eight graders Paul and Joey pulled the kids out of their classrooms, that have fallen into the sinkhole. (Bloor #82)