Comic for Paleolithic vs Neolithic
Updated: 10/24/2020
Comic for Paleolithic vs Neolithic

Storyboard Text

  • Paleolithic Pete is sooooo hungry. He hasn't eaten in days!
  • Paleolithic Pete has been searching for food but has no luck.
  • Paleolithic Pete came across this field which did not look familiar at all! It was filled with food!
  • Paleolithic Pete kept looking and came across some water and wanted to freshen up. And he was stuffed He said " I am so glad I am here."
  • Paleolithic Pete found this house and a lady that lives there. Turns out, she and her fellow neighbors planted all the so called crops and the crops in the water. Paleolithic Pete asked how did she do it and what was this so called sorcery called? She said that it was called farming apart of the agriculture community. And Paleolithic Pete decided to make his own crops.
  • Paleolithic Pete took the women's advice and started to plant his own crops and he also built a home and was not a nomad any more. The women also told him how to domesticate animals and he was happy that he came across her.
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