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Updated: 9/15/2020
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  • The Ordinary World/Call to Adventure
  • First Day of a College! Woohoo.
  • I can't write that!
  • God is dead! If you don't believe so, than prove it
  • Refusal of the Call/ Meeting the Mentor/Sage
  • Look to God for advice. It will be okay. Read the book of Matthew!
  • Crossing the Threshold/ Road of Trials
  • God's NOT dead.
  • Josh enrolls in a Philosophy Class on campus. In Josh's class, the teacher asks them to sign a paper saying "God is dead." Josh refuses to do this, which causes his professor to challenge him to a three-class debate.
  • Approach to the Innermost Cave/ The Ordeal
  • I feel so defeated. I'll never win! But... I have to keep trying.
  • Initially, Josh has some hesitancy. He is worried he can not win. His girlfriend attempts to change his mind, and influence him to not participate in the debate. Josh meets his Sage when he goes to his Pastor for wisdom.
  • The Ultimate Boon/ The Road Back
  • God's NOT dead! You just admitted it! Josh wins the debate!
  • Josh crosses the threshold when he enters his first debate with Professor Radissonn Josh’s (ex) girlfriend attempts to stop him from debating, she even threatens to break up with him. also has a lot of classes which he has to put off studying for because he has to prepare his debates.
  • The Ressurection/ The Reward
  • God's Not Dead
  • God's Not Dead
  • Professor Radisson defeats Josh in the first two debates and he feels like giving up because he just keeps getting proven wrong and undermined. Josh’s life or death conflict, although not truly life or death, is when he is in the final debate. He brings up something that sparks a rage in Professor Radisson, and Radisson becomes very defensive.
  • In his rage, Professor Radisson admits that he hates God. This proves that Professor Radisson believes God is real. The class votes and Josh wins the debate! He feels accomplished, and all his hard work has paid off. Professor Radisson is very upset with Josh for making him seem uneducated and yells at him in the hallway. Josh feels bad for Radisson but does not engage in any more conflict.
  • Interestingly enough, Josh does not come within an inch of death. It is actually Professor Radisson, who gets hit by a car. Here we see Pastor Dave actually at the intersection where this happened, who rushes out of the car. Pastor Dave spiritually saves Radisson, right before he dies. The elixir, which is moving others to follow Jesus, is plentiful. Josh gets to celebrate his grand victory at a Christian concert. We see multiple people from Josh’s class who have decided to be saved, at a Newsboys concert. Josh has vanquished the bad thoughts consuming Radison’s mind and saved countless people spiritually.
  • God's Not Dead