Rangel Niccolas False visions
Updated: 3/8/2021
Rangel Niccolas False visions

Storyboard Description

In this scene Macbeth happens to stumble upon the witches while doing their ritual. While there he asks the witch to provide information about what’s to come in his future, he wants to see their “powers”. The witches go along with what Macbeth is saying because they know what type of person he is, that is is truly evil. So, the witches begin to show him apparitions. In the first slide he meets the first apparition, the spirt warns him of Macduff and to be wary. Macbeth agrees with what the spirt says, which leads to him gaining confidence and him now knowing what to do about Macduff. He wants more so in the second slide, a child with blood on his face tells Macbeth that he is the most powerful, that none come close to him. He reassures him that anybody who is human would have less power than him, and that he shouldn’t fear anyone. Thus leads to him wanting more, another spirt is about to appear. This time it’s a boy who is holding a tree who talks to him next. The child tells Macbeth to be proud, and to not be moved by those who hate or fear him. The child also tells Macbeth that he wont ever be defeated not, until a forest will move to attack. Macbeth knows how crazy it is for trees to move, taking at as a sign that he wont be defeated ever. When he is defeated is when the impossible would happen.

Storyboard Text

  • Niccolas Rangel Act 4 Scene 1 The false visions
  • "Tell me, your unknown power-
  • "Macbeth! Macbeth! beware Macduff. Beware the Thane Of Fife"
  • "If i had three ears i'd listen with all"
  • "Be violent, be bold, be firm. and laugh at the power of other men"
  • "What is this spirit, that looks like the son of a king"
  • "Be brave like the lion and proud, do not worry about those who hate you"
  • "Just listen"