Awat at 3AM
Updated: 3/9/2021
Awat at 3AM

Storyboard Text

  • Away at 3am
  • Window
  • Car
  • It's 3am my cousin's are over at my house for a sleepover . My parents are passed out asleep. We all agree to sneak out with my cousin Martin and Bryan.
  • Parking lot
  • We all were out through the window but my dumb ass hit my head on the way out. So me and my couisin Johanna ran while my brother Omar and Bryan walked like they are the worst people too sneak out with.
  • Woods
  • I cloud see my other cousin's that were waiting on us. We all got in my cousin Martin car who was with my other cousin Justin. While we was going over the fence my cousin Bryan jeans ripped but al least he had shorts under.
  • Home
  • We had bought snacks and at them while we were in the parking lot talking about our lives. Then a car pulled up telling us if we were the ones texting him and wanting to meet him. We all said no and he started to chase us with the car.
  • They're in the woods we were all hiding from that guy. We wanted to go back to our car but Justin had twisted his ankle while running. We all were covered in dirt. The guy had left to by the time we were on our way home it was 5am.
  • When we all had came in through the widow my dad caught us. So my dad called all of my cousin's parents letting them know what happened. We all got yell at and grounded. One thing we never said was about that weird guy.