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Updated: 6/3/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Another day of school, again
  • Hello everybody,today everybody is going to share a chapter of the book you are currently reading.So that means you have to go to the library.
  • Found it finally...
  • I wonder if I have enough?
  • Okay now that everyone is back let's start with Melissa.
  • Okay,sure I am on chapter 8 on my book.
  • The book I am reading talks about the Pembrokes who are really rich and live on Sunrise island it talks about how Egberts dad was gone until Egbert,Venus,and Adonis they find him on Sunrise island doing business with the Pembrokes.But turns out the only reason why the Pembrokes were doing business with Egberts dad was because on DeadWeather island where Egberts dad lives there was a secret treasure hidden somewhere on the island.The Pembrokes turned out to be hiring natives so they can kill Egberts family so they can take the treasure but turns out Mr Pembrokes daughter Millicent was actually on Egberts side all along and she tells him all of the things her father was planning to do.In the end Egbert and the other pirates were going to war against Mr Pembrokes men.The treasure turned out to be inside a volcano so nobody could ever touch it.It was also under a spell so nobody could ever touch it.
  • Okay you guys can go home now schools over.