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Updated: 9/10/2020
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  • Legislative Judicial Executive
  • Hobbes, people are born with natural rights. The governments only job is to protect those rights.
  • How could you say that? People need to be ruled, as to not create chaos!
  • This is a philosopher named John Locke. He lived in the enlightenment period, and made a huge contribution on the way we think. He believed in a government built to protect the people's rights.
  • What if the ruler is terrible, and just uses the people for labor and riches?! There is a social contract between a king and his subjects. The people should be able to overthrow an unfit ruler!
  • A king's demeanor is a king's demeanor, and mustn't be questioned.
  • John is having a debate with Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes has complete opposite views and opinions as Locke.
  • Think about it Hobbes. What if laissez-faire became real? Or maybe even separation of powers!
  • In this time period people believed that kings were gifts or rulers sent by the gods. They were absolute monarchs and could rule however they see fit without anyone getting in the way.
  • Once again I can not believe you would say such mochary about the king!
  • Agree to disagree, Farewell.
  • Enlightenment brought the idea that if there is a nefarious king the people should be able to replace him with a proper ruler. The idea that kings came from gods was also withering away.
  • Locke is suggesting a very opposed idea. He is proposing that the government be balanced. No one monarch or ruler should have all the power.
  • THE END!!
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