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Updated: 9/27/2020
Unknown Story

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  • A few hours later.....
  • Day 3: Scene #8
  • Can I please come inside? My car has stopped working.
  • Yes, come in, the weather is quite bad.
  • 3-4 hours later....
  • Do you have food? I am hungry, its been a long time since I last ate.
  • Yes, I do. Let me give it to you.
  • A few hours later, Muskan's daughter, Tanvi, is coming home from work where her car stops working. There is a thunderstorm and the closest place she can find shelter is at the homeless persons shed.
  • Day 3 Scene #10
  • Oh my god! What happened to her? I need to find help
  • Tanvi walks to the shed towards the same homeless person who got food from her mom and asks whether she can stay in her shed for shelter until the storm stops. The homeless person, being good hearted, says yes.
  • Day 3: Scene #11
  • She has passed away due to poison. Who gave her this food?
  • A woman named Muskan prepared this food
  • The storm still has not ended and Tanvi is hungry so she asks if the homeless person has some food. Since the homeless person had saved Muskan's food, she gives it to Tanvi, without knowing it is poisoned.
  • Day 3: Scene #12
  • Oh my god MY DAUGHTER I am so sorry! What have I done.....
  • Tanvi ends up passing away because of the poison. The homeless person, in shock, goes to get help from outside to call 911.
  • The police comes to investigate and they find out that Tanvi passed away because of poision. The homeless person tells them that a woman named Muskan prepared the food that Tanvi ate and Muskan is called to the shed.
  • Muskan comes to the shed and sees she ended up killing her own daughter trying to poison the homeless person.