Kaylee. F's part way project
Updated: 2/24/2020
Kaylee. F's part way project

Storyboard Text

  • Assignment Day
  • I hope I get a good job.
  • The Instructions
  • I think these are instructions to escape Ember!
  • In this scene kids at the age of 12 get assigned to their first jobs. Lina gets pipe works labourer and Doon gets messenger. They are upset with their jobs because Doon wants to help save the city and Lina wants to discover new things while going around the city. I chose to include this scene because it is important for doon to have access to the pipe works so that he can find the locked door.
  • The Locked Door
  • *whispers* Who's that doon and how did they get a key to the door?
  • *whispers* How am I suppose to know?!
  • In this part of the novel Lina found the locked box in the closet that had paper in it but Poppy ripped and chewed some of it.Lina tries to put it together and discovers that the paper has instructions for something that could be important. This scene is important to the story because the instructions may have something to do with their escape from Ember.
  • The New City
  • We opened the door now where does this lead to?
  • In this scene Doon takes Lina to a metal door in the pipe works but the door is locked and suddenly they hear footsteps and see a stranger that has keys to the door. I consider this to be an important event because Lina and Doon find a door that probably leads out of ember.
  • I think that at the end of the novel Lina and Doon open the locked door and see a long ladder that leads to another city and they tell everybody about it and get out!