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Updated: 9/30/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The beginning of my story starts out in the middle of the story , where he is playing against a good basketabll team and scouts are coming to watch him. It then flashes back from that moment at the whole story builds up to the game, and I am going to change his age to 18 instead of 16. Last game of his high school carreer.
  • Flashback to when he was 15 and his mom passed away from cancer. The death of his mom is what made his dad start to shun away from Haydn.
  • In chemistry class Haydn and Khris are fooling around while doing a lab. They end up not hearing the insturctions given two them, so Haydn takes thinghs into his own hand and wants to mix these two elements together. This ends up leading into a big fire and detention for the two.
  • After school and detetion, when they are walking home they run into Tyreke. Tyreke is from the rich kids school and approaches Haydn and his friends. Tyreke starts beating up Haydn. Khris and Caitlyn run away. The cops are eneded up called on them and Haydn is injured badly. He runs away from the cops to not get involved.
  • Hadyn ran home and went to his room. He laid down and moaned and groaned in pain. Haydn knew that he didn't have much time because he had to get ready for the big game. HIs dad though came in and yelled at him and wouldn't let him go to the game.
  • Haydn sneaks out his window and goes anyways.