scene 3
Updated: 2/7/2021
scene 3

Storyboard Text

  • Nomata!
  • Nomata, Kenit is positive COVID!
  • Bazooka is bored so she goes through her social media and suddenly sees that Kenit took a swab test.
  • PING!
  • She thinks that Kenit's result is positive and she wants to tell someone about it. She decides to tell Nomata as Kenit always bullies him. This is Nomata's chance to blackmail him.
  • Kenit is positive COVID!!
  • She texts Nomata, saying that Kenit is positive COVID-19 without any evidence.
  • Nomata is about to take a nap when he receives a text from Bazooka, saying that Kenit is positive COVID-19.
  • Meanwhile, at Nomata's house..
  • Nomata cannot believe Bazooka at first but he feels Kenit deserves it after everything that he used to do to him.
  • But then, he still feels bad because it is inhuman to wish someone have this deadly disease.