Story Board For English
Updated: 1/23/2020
Story Board For English
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*ooga booga noises intensify*

Storyboard Text

  • Scary Dream
  • No Test
  • There is no test today.
  • Whew
  • Fortune cookie
  • Its say I will surpass all others. I wonder how i will.
  • Here have my fortune cookie.
  • I cant find my lunch.
  • Our main character Nate is having a bad dream where he gets called on in class when he didn't know the answer.
  • Nate Gets Detentions
  • Blah, blah, blah.You get a lot of detentions.
  • Nate sees his best friend Francis studying and he thinks they have a test in school. When he asks, it turns out they don't have a test
  • Nate Surpass's all others
  • This is the most detentions I have ever seen in one day.
  • Nate forgets his lunch at school and his friend Teddy gives him a fortune cookie. When he looks at the fortune it says "TODAY YOU WILL SURPASS ALL OTHERS"
  • Nate's Happy
  • Yay I have surpassed all others!
  • Nate gets a detention from each and everyone of his teachers including the principle of the school.
  • Nate is told by the person who runs detention, Mrs. Czerwicki, that he has gotten the most detentions in one day then she has ever seen.
  • Nate celebrates because he surpassed all others by getting the most detentions ever in the school. After he celebrates, he makes a comic about it.
  • I'm gonna make a comic about this now.
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