Final Project 1
Updated: 3/31/2020
Final Project 1
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  • April 24, 1995Constantinople
  • 250 of us were round up in Constantinople for no reason, with no warning, other than that we were well-off Armenians.
  • Me, Grigoris Balakian
  • Under the threat of death they sent me and 189 of our people to Cankiri
  • Cankiri
  • Constantinople
  • We slowly died out and before long there was only 48 of us as they marched us through the desert
  • Even to this point there has been no justification for these death marches and the Turks appear to be attacking us only for our ethnicity, making these acts unjust.
  • I soon learned of the plan to kill all of the Armenians in the Empire
  • They plan to annihilate all of your people
  • According to the Just War Theory, and annihilation of an entire people would be unjust because the complete eradication of an entire group of people is nearly impossible and would only lead to unending death and destruction
  • After hearing that despicable plan, I fled to Islahie under the guise of night.
  • I soon started working in a forced labor railroad program for Armenian refugees and Turkish deserters until I could find a way to finally escape the Ottoman Empire
  • These forced labor camps alone are against Fair Treatment of Prisoners of War, making the event unjust
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