Final Project 2
Updated: 3/31/2020
Final Project 2
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  • Soon, they started to kill workers in nearby camps so I decided it was time to flee the country
  • These unwarranted deaths are against the criteria of Military Necessity and the Fair Treatment of POWs
  • June 3, 1921
  • Some engineers from Germany helped me escape the camp
  • I escaped across the border of the Empire under the name of Herr Bernstein and went to Paris to finally be free.
  • The unnecessary violence, lack of proper warning, immeasurable goals, and overall horrible atrocities committed by the Ottoman Empire during the Armenian Genocide make the mass murder unjust, according to the Just War Theory. Following any relevant metric, the Armenian Genocide is an extremely unjust event, especially considering the time it took for the Armenian people to get retribution in the form of the deaths of those who perpetrated the murders.
  • Paris
  • Eventually, I testified to acquit Soghomon Tehlirian, the man who killed Talaat Pasha. Talaat Pasha who brought about the Armenian Genocide.I remain proud of myself for what I did that day.
  • The death of Pasha was conducted by orchestrated assassination while Pasha was in absentia after being sentenced to death by a Turkish court and fleeing, avoiding proper punishment. His actions were against the Just War Theory
  • To this day, the mass murder of my people, whose magnitude gains it the term of genocide, has yet to gain proper recognition on a world scene and the many Armenians who suffered through the genocide have yet to gain proper reparations for the atrocities committed by the Ottoman Empire and the Turks. These atrocities include the murder of 600,000 to 1.5 million Armenians, the forced religious conversion of many Armenians from Christianity to Islam, and the deportation of many other Armenians from the Ottoman Empire.
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