The Biggest in the Forest
Updated: 4/20/2020
The Biggest in the Forest
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  • 2/sin(79) = 2.0ft
  • Benny the bird wants a meal. Benny calculates that he is standing 2 feet away from the fly and at a 79 degree angle. How high up is the fly.
  • tan-1 (12/3) = 76 degrees
  • Minnie the mink is hungry too. She finds a bird that is too full to fly. Minnie finds that she stands 3 feet away from and 12 feet below her prey. At what angle measurement is the bird?
  • Willie the wolf is starving but lucky for him, he found a slow mink. He knows that the mink is 10 feet away and positioned at a 45 degree angle measurement. How far above Willie is the fox
  • tan(45)(10) = 10ft
  • 10/tan(43) = 9.3ft
  • Jimmy the jaguar is famished. He needs a big meal so he finds Willie. Jimmy knows that the wolf is 7 feet above him, at a 43 degree angle measure. How far away is Willie?
  • tan-1 x 13/7 = 61.7 degrees
  • Sandy the shark is swimming in the sea, but she needs more protein so she finds Jimmy. Sandy knows that she is 13 feet below Jimmy and 7 feet across from him. What is the missing angle measure?
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