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Updated: 12/11/2019
graphic novel
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  • You should never have stolen my fathers idea. Your going to pay for this.
  • I've got to get the captural back.
  • "We have to create a plan to get the captural back. " Ethan and Sharon kemp said.
  • Joslyn breaks into Ethan Eisenhower Emerald's home and steals the captural, a time travel device, he made. She stabs him and darts out of the house into the night.
  • "ive waited so long to kill you" Joslyn says"I haven't done anything, your father gave me the idea for time travel because he couldnt continue with it and he lost the idea." Ethan states."No. He. Diddn't" She says as the fight begins
  • Ethan is hospitalized and recovers very quickly. In that time he calls six world class detectives to help him.
  • With the help of six world class detectives he and his group devised a plan, a perfect plan, to capture Joslyn and get the captural back
  • How about you four come show me how far your willing to go to avenge your friends death...unless you'd rather sleep with them.
  • They follow Joslyn and her accomplice, Tristan Lang, to a field in Kansas. They realized their plan was foiled when Joslyn revealed her weapon. The fight begins and three detectives are killed.
  • Ethan and the remaining detectives attend their friends funeral. The day is gloom. Marleen Daniels, Damon Ramon, and Clarke Evans had extensive injuries and died on the scene of the fight
  • Joslyn Shows up through a portal and instigates the detectives to jump in and end all of the horror they started.
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