Tell-Tale Heart-Hannah Schmidt
Updated: 11/5/2020
Tell-Tale Heart-Hannah Schmidt

Storyboard Text

  • Title: The Tell-Tale Heart Author: Edgar Allan PoeSetting:The old mans houseCharacters: The narrator, the old man
  • The narrator went into the old mans house at midnight, Every morning when it turned daylight the narrator went boldly into the chamber and spoke coragously to him and watched him sleep every night.
  • On the eighth night he was more cautious, the old man had known someone was watching him the past 7 nights, then the narrator killed the old man and told us details about how he did it,
  • The problem was solved when the narrator admitted to what he had done
  • The narrator felt guilty and told the cops what he had done and turned himself in and that was the resolution of the story.
  • Symbolism in the story is the eye, it shows why the narrator wants to hurt the old man.