Decision Making

Updated: 3/11/2021
Decision Making

Storyboard Text

  • Should I go to my friend’s house or should I go to the store with my mom.
  • If I go to my friend’s house I will get food and a bag of things.
  • It is also ethical to go to a store.Both are legal to.
  • Both also have my parents approval, maybe I should go to both.
  • But if I go with my mom to the store I can get a new toy car.And maybe I can get some snacks.
  • Well, going to a party is a little healthy, but a store is more healthy.It is ethical to go to a party.
  • Closing in 5 minutes
  • I’m late for the party
  • I think I should have not done both because I did not even have time for the party .Next time I am only going to the party.
  • Party.
  • Closed
  • First, I will go to the store, and I can get a present for my friend.