sales pitch
Updated: 3/18/2020
sales pitch

Storyboard Text

  • ***Smart toilet, is closed as homeowner walks in
  • ***Homeowner goes about morning routine, washig face, brushing teeth flossing
  • *** (1) As soon as he is done with his morning routine, the toilet lid opens, seemily it read his mind
  • 1. "What?!? How did yo-Finally, the first person in 40 years to understand me"
  • *** (2) Wife of 40 years is heard from the hallway
  • 2. "Excuse me, David! What did you just say?
  • *** (1) Clear shot of toilet as brand logo appears.
  • ***(3) Toilet lid slams shut.
  • (2) VO: "Prodigy Advanced Smart Toilet- We get you.""Now send your wife apology flowers."