SS3 Amonie Coleman

SS3  Amonie Coleman

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  • hi, am a Mesopotamian and I know I thing or two about them, let me start out with the basics, we have two main rivers the, trigis and Euphrates rivers . We live in the eastern Mediterranean.
  • So now you know the basic rivers etc. let me tell you some problems that have arose over time. Well there where constituted floods and really hot weather, plus we lacked on natural resources like: stone wood and metal. We moved so that there would be more natural recourse and because of population. We moved to the turkey and Kurdistan.
  • Because there was a lot of water floods we deiced to make levees, levees's are big walls with holes that have water come out and we can control weather or not we want water to come out of it or stay in.
  • okay, now that who now why we moved and how we controlled the water now its time to tell who what did irrigation canals have to be cleaned well, one we cleaned the to production of crops,and because the rivers keepted on getting higher and we didn't want them to over flow. When are people worked together we could accomplish a lot.
  • As the cites grew more and more people interacted, but there were still some things that needed fixing. People kept on fighting, you might be wondering what did people fight over, Well am going to tell you. Well we fought over lands and riches.
  • Well I have told you everything you need to know, everything that we did really helped us and well I love being a Mesopotamian, are ideas really helped us in the long run. But anyway I hope you enjoyed it. Bye
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