Unknown Story
Updated: 2/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • What is the meaning of this?! Did you talk to this reporter? She knows a lot about you and your word young man!
  • What is the meaning of this?! Why did you have to talk to that reporter? We already have enough trouble!
  • One Thursday morning, the Westfield Gazette was delivered to 12,297 homes, and the story of Lincoln Elementary school was the first page. The headline was-LOCAL 5TH GEADERS SAY "MOVE OVER MR.WEBSTER."
  • How did she get it in the first place?
  • That’s what Nick’s mother said, putting the articlein front of Nick’s nose when he got home from school.
  • How did she end up with it in the first place?
  • That’s what Mrs. Chatham said to Mrs. Granger,shaking the newspaper in front of her face.
  • How did she get the picture in the first place?
  • It was quite a Thursday for everyone.
  • No one could figure out how JudyMorgan had gotten that fifth-grade class picture.
  • This is the end of chapter 11 of the book Frindle.