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Phases of the fur trade!!!
Updated: 1/16/2020
Phases of the fur trade!!!
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  • Phase #1 1500-1603
  • We are catching so much cod!!! We should trade them with the First Nations.
  • Great idea! After we finish, we should trade with the First Nations so they give us furs for cod!
  • Phase #2 1603-1670
  • DIE!!
  • Get it!
  • There is a beaver!!
  • Phase #3 1670-1760
  • I will trade you this for a sock.
  • I'm French/NWC.
  • Who are you?
  • I'm British/HBC, who are you???
  • Then I can sell this fur for an expensive price!
  • Sure!
  • During the 1 phase of the fur trade, it was basically just fishing cod off the east coast and them tradeing them to the First Nations for furs.
  • Phase #4 1760-1821
  • We are the same colony now! HIGH FIVE!!
  • Now there are one colony! What is next, they MERGE!
  • What is the point, the fur trade is declining anyway!
  • During the 2 phase of the fur trade, New France set up a trading center around Quebec. The French-Haudenasounee war was going on at the time. All beaver populations went down because of furs and overhunting.
  • Phase #5 1821-1870
  • We will merge and become the HBC!
  • "Eye-roll"
  • But I'm the last of my kind!
  • During the 3 phase of the fur trade, Britian/HBC arrived which caused economic competion with the French. Mercantilsm was also a part of the fur trade (Mercantilism was buying cheap items and selling them for expensize prices)
  • Phase #5 1821-1870
  • Why you guys moving west??
  • WEST
  • In the 4 phase of the fur trade, New France became a British colony. The Red River Metis were interpreters, guides, traders and carters.
  • HI! I'm a Metis. I am an interpreter, guide, trader and carter.
  • In the 5 phase of the fur trade, HBC and NWC merged to become the HBC. The fur trade was declining because: the beaver and buffalo population were declining due to over hunting, and not as many people wanted furs (low demand).
  • WHY!!
  • QUIET!
  • Do we have to merge???
  • First Nations also had to move west because of the food supply.
  • Because of the food population! You keep killing everything!
  • I'm really hungry!
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