part 2

Updated: 10/6/2021
part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Hi sure!
  • Hi olivia, do you want to have lunch with me
  • look at her
  • I can't see her she is sooo black, cant help it.
  • why are Seirra and Gracey talking to her?
  • no guys I am not hungry but thank you for your concern
  • or should we get cookies... Please
  • They will get the black syndrome!
  • soooooo... do you want to have lunch?
  • Ewww! look who is roaming around in the hallways, let's hope the school doesn't get dirty.
  • Just ignore her!
  • Hi I am Olivia do you want to be my friend?
  • you know, you shouldn't judge anyone before you get to know them!
  • Ew I don't talk to people that look like you
  • I hope I don't get black
  • whatever!
  • I have always been bullied for my skin color and how I look, it has been my biggest insecurity since first grade.Here you can see me through first grade, third and fifth grade.
  • So you see how I get bullied everyday, I don't answer questions in maths class when the teacher asks about well-being and identity. I don't fit in
  • Its okay
  • Oh my god, I am so sorry, I have never been bullied so I don't know, I will tell my friends too to say sorry.