The Constitution

Updated: 10/15/2020
The Constitution

Storyboard Text

  • Article I
  • Two senators from each state who serve for a six year term– From 1787 – 1912, senators were elected by state legislatures,– In 1913, the Seventeenth Amendment allowed the people to elect senators
  • Article II
  • Article III
  • Order in the court!
  • Article I explains the structure of the legislative branch and the powers the government has and their implied power.
  • Article IV
  • Article II explains the structure of the executive branch and the powers it has.
  • Article V
  • We want change!
  • Article III the structure of the judicial branch and the power they have.
  • Article VI
  • These are the laws of the land and everyone must obey them!
  • Article IV explains how state government works with the federal government
  • Explains when and how the constitution can be amended.
  • Article VI declares that the Constitution and allfederal laws are the “supreme law ofthe land”