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Updated: 2/12/2021
Unknown Story

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  • This would be a good opportunity to escape. Kublai is not here, and Arghun's son won't know that we are not allowed to leave.
  • Event 2
  • Event 3
  • You are not Arghun....
  • At prison...
  • Arghun is dead. I am his son. You will marry me.
  • In Persia...
  • And so, the Polos left Persia and through Trebizond, reached Venice
  • We are finally going home!
  • Event 3
  • Event 2
  • At Venice....
  • We are from Genoa, and we are at war from Venice. You will be going to prison
  • Event 3
  • Event 3
  • What are you guys doing!
  • I'm Marco Polo, and I have been across Asia, and I saw things that you have never.
  • And so, Marco Polo and Rustichello teamed up to write a book in Marco Polo's travels, called "Description of the World"
  • I'm Rustichello, and I would like to write a book on you travels
  • Rustichello's book was published and it would go on to inspire a generation of European travelors
  • Whoa! This book is so cool!
  • I know, right! I want to be a travelor when I grow up!
  • Oh father!
  • Marco Polo would live the rest of his life in Venice. He married Donata Badoer and had three daughters. He eventually died in January 1324.