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Siddartha life
Updated: 2/18/2020
Siddartha life
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  • I am royal boy i will become king ajajaja-
  • Why am I wearing modern day clothing.
  • I have hair and am older now also this is so cool i want to be like this man.
  • A boy Siddhartha Gautama is born into a royal family where he is to become a mighty king. A fortune-teller predicts Siddhartha will either become a mighty king , or a religious leader. His father dedicates himself to making his son a king
  • I am now poor and hungry however im very happy with my decision and i am living in nature yay.
  • Siddhartha has an extremely blessed an luxurious life, wore eccentric clothing and was tended to by servants 24/7. His father protected him from anything unpleasant or depressing. Siddhartha was royalty at its finest
  • One day, Siddhartha went out on a chariot, just him and the driver, and saw 3 sad and depressing sights and was shocked and horrified. Then, he saw a holy man, who was poor and hungry, but content. He decided to be like this holy man.
  • I am now OLDER and a spiritual leader I am very happy i will teach people how iI got to this point.
  • Siddhartha left his castle, acquiring food only given to him by strangers placed in his begging bowl, his only possession. He studied with guru's, and the life-death-rebirth cycle, and even became an Ascetic, but later gave this up.
  • As he began to regain strength from his time as an Ascetic, he sat under a fig tree to meditate. He told himself he wouldn't leave this spot until he reached the truth, and the truth he reached. He now understood everything after 50 days of meditation, and achieved a state of enlightenment.
  • Siddhartha became the Buddha and achieved moksha, then began teaching everything he learned to people who were willing to learn. He died at age 80.
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