ESL project
Updated: 3/11/2020
ESL project

Storyboard Text

  • I really have such a loving family, i am so happy.
  • i thought she is a really good person but she is as bad as hell.
  • i hope that he won't tell her the truth
  • I am gonna burn you alive .
  • Hurry up!!! eat that thing as fast as you can.
  • It is nearly impossible for me to eat my own vomit but i still have to do it
  • I am gonna fool her just by keeping some part of my face over the water
  • Stay under the water until i tell you to get out
  • you love your mom and she never punished you badly, right?
  • well, she only punish me when i act like a bad boy.
  • i don't even care, i will find a better husband for me.
  • I am tired of being with you so i am leaving you
  • Damn!!! He is so lucky