importance of water body
Updated: 11/26/2020
importance of water body

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  • Two women, a dad and a son, walking through fields, just to find people, they needed people, they had no one to talk to but one another, they had nothing more to talk about.
  • "dad, we have been walking for miles, I can't see anything in the distance, and it is about to become dark." - "No, we have to continue, I can feel that something is coming soon."
  • To their luck, under the hills, there was a cottage. They look inside, no one was home, they find a map, and find the closest water body, and they are surprised at how close it is. They set off for the water.
  • From the water, they find a old boat, they decided they should go out into the water, then find the closest seen house, they saw it as an adventure, but of course they grabbed some berries off a branch before going, so they don't starve
  • They find a patch of land, and get off the boat, They start to argue about whos fault it is that they were even here.
  • They argue so loud and so much that the sky turns gray. The water goes dark and makes waves. They suddenly realize that something bad is happening.
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