The Bigger
Updated: 1/5/2021
The Bigger

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  • Dad, that beggar looks like he needs money, let's help him we have lots!
  • No son, someone like him is a bad person. If we give him anything he would spend it on drugs and waste it on unnecessary stuff, he is a FAILURE and someone you should never end up as! Leave him on the streets
  • Wow how rude, if only they knew what I really had to go through
  • Help Me
  • Hey son, I finally got us some money lets go out and have a proper lunch today!
  • Yay dad, I can't wait! We can finally get some proper food, I'm so hungry!
  • I want to give my son a proper life from now on Im gonna do a lot better!
  • wow dad these are amazing French fries, I'm so full!
  • 2 Years Later
  • Im glad you say that son, hurry up and finish, I have to take an interview today
  • I can't believe I can finally give my son everything he deserves, 2 years ago I started a business and it was a huge success!
  • Hello Sir, I'm here for a job interview may I come in?
  • A few hours later
  • Yes sure of course, come on in!
  • YOU! The Beggar! You own this multi-million dollar business?
  • Oh wow, I realized how wrong I was to judge someone without even knowing them. I'm so sorry. Due to the pandemic I even lost my job. So I was searching for a new one, its been 6 months but sadly no luck
  • But how did you manage to become so successful, you were just a filthy beggar just a couple years back!
  • Well, you never know who I am, my intentions or why I needed the money. Everything I did was for my son, so I started a business to give my son a better life.
  • I remember you what a pleasant surprise! And yes I am the owner and CEO!
  • Really even after all the things I said about you?!
  • Wow thank you! I was really mistaken about you, I didn't know who you are, your a great person, and I hope the best for you!
  • Yup, you realized your mistake, I want you to be able to take good care of your son, and always remember that everyone has a past which you cant see, so treat everyone with respect
  • I know you have a son and I personally know how it feels to not be able to provide for them. This is why I offer you a job to work here in my company
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