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Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Mike, we need to be hurry. I thought we have a task to do today in doing some research.
  • Oh really? i think it was easy to do. So let's go!
  • Class, the task that you need to do is do some research and I'll check it next meeting. Make sure you follow the ethical rules in doing a research. Is it clear?
  • Yes Ma'am Cynthia!
  • hmm. it's basic. there's a of sources from the internet and I'll copy it.
  • Hey Brian! Are you not done yet? Let's go home and play us basketball.
  • Sorry Mike, I need to finish my task. Maybe you should go home first.
  • Mr. Mike Salvatierra, why your works are not proper citated and i think you don't paraphrase anything. You didn't follow rules!
  • I'm really sorry for what I've done ma'am. I will not do it again.
  • It's okay Mike. Atleast you realized what you did.
  • Yah, I wish I didn't make it. But, next time i'll do my part to become a good researcher and following the ethical rules.
  • From now on, Mike realized what he did and they were became a good researchers. Ms. Cynthia was glad to the both of them. THE END!