Lost World assignment
Updated: 11/26/2020
Lost World assignment

Storyboard Text

  • On June 18,2020 Mr. Brakewell's class was going on an educational trip to Europe until... an emergency landing was made due to engine trouble on an uninhabited island in the Atlantic and only the students were left alive.
  • The Next Day..June 19, 2020
  • Students were grieving about the loss of their favourite teacher and were still shocked with what had happened with them.
  • The Next Day..June 20, 2020
  • Everyone we should create rules and laws to keep everything fair and and help us survive.
  • That is actually a very good idea, and it could make us a democracy
  • Meena comes up with a creative idea that attracts others' attention.
  • Yeah we agree! That sounds fair!
  • 2 Hours Later...
  • Sonya proposed her idea first:
  • We should have a no violence rule, that way we can keep everyone safe.
  • Also I think whoever breaks this rule should get two warnings, the first one being 2 weeks of hard labour, and the second punishment would be sending whoever broke the law to the sea on a raft by themselves.
  • Some classmates decided they wanted to propose some laws and consequences they thought were fair to everyone. Since they are in a democratic society everybody got to vote and speak of their concerns.
  • Sonya, Alex, Regan, and Mariam took turns proposing their laws and consequences when you break the laws/rules.
  • The majority raised their hands to agree and so that was made a law.
  • We agree!!
  • Sonya proposed her idea and the other classmates went after her.
  • After everyone proposed their ideas, the rules that were approved by the majority got written on this sheet, this paper, highlighters, and pencils were found in the plane since many brought their binders with them for the educational trip.
  • Rules and Consequences - No violence - consequence = 2 warning, 1. Two weeks of hard labour, 2. sent to the sea on a raft to survive alone.- No theft - consequence = 2 warnings, 1. One week of hard labour, 2. sent to the other side of the island to live alone, - Everyone does their assigned job - consequence = 2 warnings, 1. Extra work with no breaks (except sleep or food) for 3-5 days, 2. Instead of 3-5 days it's 9-11 days More Rules - No bullying - Everyone has the right and freedom to practice their religion or faith - Equal food distribution - No discrimination - Respect should always be shown - especially in elections- Elections will occur every 45 days