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Cellular Respiration
Updated: 11/16/2017
Cellular Respiration
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  • Cellular Respiration By: Destiny Viljoen
  • Dr. Glycolysis and the evil Glucose are outside the school like the cytoplasm.
  • I will chop you glycolysis into two pyruvates. 
  • Nooo!!
  • Glucose got split into pyruvate and ATP. Now we are at the 2end stage in the mitochondria (matrix).
  • We are pyruvate. And were loosing Carbon dioxide!
  • The Krebs Cycle is where the carbon dioxide you breath out comes from!!
  • I'm taking electrons down a protein chain and releasing energy and water.
  • Most ATP
  • Electron Transport Chain
  • Dr. Glycolysis saved the school and now he has the energy to teach it.
  • There are three stages of Cellular respiration. Glycolysis --> Krebs Cycle --> Electron Transport Chain.
  • Summary
  • *Fact* Cellular Respiration uses oxygen and glucose to make Carbon Dioxide, Water, and energy.
  • Made By: Destiny Viljoen Materials from: Storyboard Creator Date finished: 11-15-17
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