Alexander the great
Updated: 6/2/2020
Alexander the great

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  • Alexander the Great 
  • By: Bevin Mathew 
  • Alexander was born to Philip II of Macedonia and Olympias in Pelle, Macedonia in 356 B.C.
  • Philip || hired the great Philosopher Aristotle to tutor his son Alexander. Thus, Alexander was able to learn all that he needed from him.
  • Philip || of Macedon was assassinated while in control of Athens and several other greek city-states and Alexander took over his position.
  • Alexander the Great became a shrewd, ruthless, and brilliant military leader and never lost a battle in his whole life.
  • Alexander the Great married a Bactrian girl Roxanne and by the time had obtained the power of 4 civilizations. With all of the civilizations together, it was known as the Hellenistic civilization which spread ideas of art, science, math, philosophy and architecture that spread through contact between people.