Unknown Story

Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Exposition: Remy breaks apart from his family in a crazy storm and an angry grandma ,and is trying to find his way to food and shelter. Little later into the story after struggling for a bit he finds leguine.
  • Remy felt so lonely, it hurt.
  • Climax: Later the whole chef crew finally saw that it was Remy who was the cook behind linguine’s food. They all left and linguine and all of remy's friends were the ones making the food to keep the restaurant going
  • Inciting Incident: After linguine Remy started getting into the groove of helping each other and cooking,the top chef started to notice something suspicious and saw Remy's shadow in his hat.
  • Rising Action:The chef started seeing the rat in weird situations. But linguine made him feel like he was losing his mind.
  • Conflict: The top chef finally caught Remy in a trap and knew that he was talented so he wanted Remy to make frozen foods for him since he got fired from his job. All of Remy's friends helped him escape and get back to the kitchen.
  • I Caught you! Make frozen foods for me or I'm cooking you like a pig
  • He was the mind behind it all
  • Falling Action: Chef ego comes in to try the special meal that Remy made and turned out he loved it! But when the restaurant finally closed he found out it was remy and they had to shut down the restaurant
  • Resolution/Denouement: They made another restaurant called ratatouille that allowed Remy to cook and it became a huge hit. Chef ego came there often.
  • Ratatouille