Updated: 2/5/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Gamma Ray
  • Radio
  • Microwave
  • have you ever been to the doctor and they have used a gamma ray imaging. well they use that to see inside your body that you cant see with your eyes.
  • Ultra Violet
  • Have you ever been listening to the raido and then wonder where the raido is? well thats where raido waves come in. the raido waves allow you to listen to the raido.
  • X-Ray
  • Have you ever wondered how a microwave works well a microwave uses waves called microwaves to heat up your food.
  • Infrared and Visible
  • Ultra violet is from the rays of the sun thats why you should use sun screen so you dont get burned
  • Have you ever been to the doctor or to the dentist and they need to take x-rays? well the x-ray is in the Electromagnetic Spectrum. X-Rays are used to be able to show inside your body like to see if you have a broken bone.
  • basically visable is you are able to see just like the fire in the photo. and night vission googles will pick up any infared at night.